"I recently received a donation from your fund and I would like to express my undying gratitude for your generosity. Theses funds will allow me to take the necessary steps to move my belongings out of uninhabitable living conditions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
-Maxim Caregiver, 11/2018

“I would like to say thank you to MCF for helping to purchase my new wheelchair. People use the term "wheelchair bound," but this chair gives me life. It is the only way that I can accomplish anything that I am intending to do. Thank you, doesn’t even fully express my gratitude.”
- Katie Steele and The Drew Crew 
Click here to see a video of Katie's story

“Thank you! You all are amazing! Not only did you rock it at the Community Garden, bringing in 60 pounds of produce! But you also transformed out Food Bank warehouse and fridges! What an incredible group you are! Thank you so much for taking time to help us out! You completed something in 4 hours that probably would have taken us a week!"
- Community Action Council of Howard County


“I have never met an organization so friendly and willing to help without any judgement. I was hesitant in the beginning about submitting my application, but so happy that I did! The entire process was easy, comfortable, and most importantly, confidential. I am so happy and greatly appreciate the help that I received in numerous ways.”


"I will always be grateful to MCF, and in my own way I have tried to give back to the MCF to help others. Thanks to all the people who are kind enough to listen and care about the problems of others. MCF is the best. Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure.”


“Thanks to the support of my team and Maxim Charitable foundation I quickly got back on my feet. At that point, I knew I finally found a company who not only takes pride in their company, but their employees as well and I knew that I was home. I truly found a company that I can grow and advance with for years to come and now I am an advocate for my employees. We are truly one family and One Maxim. Thank you!”