Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. is a privately held full-service healthcare company focused on homecare, medical staffing, and wellness services. Maxim is dedicated to delivering quality patient care, providing superior customer service, and supporting the employees, caregivers, and communities it serves.

As part of this commitment, Maxim established the Maxim Charitable Foundation (MCF) in 2010. MCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides assistance to Maxim employees and others facing financial hardships. MCF has been able to raise funds to help employees and community members that have unforeseen and severe hardships, as well as support the efforts other charitable organizations.

“You never know when your world will implode and reality as you know it won’t be the same. There are times in one’s life that make it impossible to go on without help. Last December was that time for me.”
MCF was there when we had nothing else to give.